Welcome to the journey to WHOLENESS through Medical Intuition. It starts here.

At Shifting Into High Gear, you’re not just revving your engine. You are gearing up to be the biggest, brightest, healthiest, most authentic  version of you. And it’s not lurking somewhere outside of you, but within—and all you have to do is get on the road to access it.

Where do you start and how can I serve you?

Well, like on any journey having the right tools is a great place to start. Most of us these days don’t embark on a road trip without having the GPS at ready. set. go. ~ and so when we’re amped up to make some impactful changes in our lives we do so with having that trusty GPS in hand.

Medical Intuition can be the tool that mimics the GPS for you on this leg of your journey.

Are you ready to get into the driver’s seat and take the wheel?

Then let’s get on the road….

In Front of Shifting Into High Gear

I am honoured and humbled to be able to bring to you Shifting Into High Gear, a program of offerings  developed to allow us to show up in our lives in ways that make us feel good, whole and healthy. Because we already are ALL of those things inherently—and more, but we can’t always see it or feel it. And when we can’t experience it, we don’t feel fulfilled, valuable or loving. And we are here to love always, and IN all ways. But that starts with us loving ourselves first, and that is the fundamental underpinning of Shifting Into High Gear and Medical Intuition.


How did I get here?

Certified Medical Intuitive

My work around understanding, researching and developing tools around the concept of WHOLENESS through Medical Intuition has been more than a decade in production.

I often tell people that I envision each of us carrying a mixing pot out in front of us and with each experience we have, course that we partake in, book that we read,  we are contributing to our own special recipe. And at some point in time that recipe boils up and over into a puff of smoke that reveals our gift of service.

I feel like that’s why it’s important to recognize that where we are today in life, as uncomfortable as that can be sometimes, is exactly where we are meant to be.

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I didn’t always have that awareness about myself and spent a lot of time riding the peak and valley wave, searching and impatient and operating from a place of abandonment.

Our lineage begins at an early age – often in the form of energy. It teaches us how to move in this world and often it finds a home in the body – as did mine with a pre-menopausal multi-focal breast cancer diagnosis.

Prolonged operation from a place of abandonment  or rejection can muster that up inside of you.  And for me at the origin of the abandonment was how I felt about myself.

Which was truthfully never very good.

And when we don’t feel good or as I call it WHOLE. We sabotage.  I did a wicked number on many potentially beautiful experiences, relationships and so forth because all I knew was abandonment. It was what I’d been trained in and I was holding on to it like a baby with a security blanket. The abandonment lineage ran super deep in my family tracing it back all the way to the beheading of Mary Queen of Scots (or so I’ve been told).

The breast cancer was a catalyst for change, but so was my children, my marriage breakdown, the passing of my Mom and my studies around Medical Intuition along with a WHOLE host of other personal growth work.  At some point we make the choice to break the lineage and to operate from a place on the other side of that.

Today I am deeply passionate about creating change around how we feel about ourselves.  Today I’m deeply passionate about why mass destruction in the form of school shootings continue to take place, about why people take their own lives and about keeping the change of my own lineage moving forward in flow so that I can continue to be of service.

All of my tools and techniques for healing were born out of my own experiences. I know what it feels like to not feel whole and conversely I also know what it feels like to feel whole and how to affect change from that place.

Explore with love, heal with love and go with love.






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